11 more weeks


Our dear friend Melanie is currently in the Sheriff's Academy. She will graduate on May 20, only 11 more weeks to go!!  She has been working so hard.  She went into the Academy to create a better life for herself and her son and I just admire her so much. IMG_5351

This Sunday was an Open House at the Sheriff's Training Academy and we all went to cheer her on. We had a great time watching a K-9 demonstration and learning about all the special types of equipment they use. I got to admit to you, when Melanie walked up in her uniform with her class, the tears just started flowing. The academy has broken her down and she is slowly building herself back up. She has come so far and not without a few hiccups, but she's doing it and I am proud of her.

IMG_5352 IMG_5355 IMG_5364 IMG_5375 IMG_5377 IMG_5378 IMG_5379Looking forward to celebrating Melanie in May!!!