New tricks


Hi everyone! I have been in a slump lately. Haven't had a lot of pep to my step. I ran into a friend in the stairwell at work and she said, "I really think you should try Kaia Fit. It might really help you release some stress."

I knew she was right. It still took me two weeks to get the courage to sign up and then show up. Twice now I've gone to the 5 a.m. class. I love it. (Carina: I know! I should have gone years ago! Thank you for not giving up on me!) Getting up around 4ish a.m. is not easy, but I'm hoping to get used to it. 

I also decided to teach myself a few new website tricks. I wasn't thrilled with the GoDaddy templates, although their customer service is fantastic. I am trying Squarespace to host my site. Here goes nothing. Every time I do this I am so afraid of losing all my content. But I know I can't take it with me, and who knows if the boys will want to read it someday. This space is for me, so I might as well write about topics that bring me joy.

I haven't documented all the changes we've made to our current fixer upper and I want to focus on that in hopes that I get inspired to work more on my yards and house. 

Lots of love and hugs to you all. I really want to encourage you to take care of your health, physically and emotionally. Do the work, you are worth it!