10 Things To Do This Weekend

Happy Friday! The sun is shining and I am feeling like having a GREAT weekend. Here are 10 things to try and accomplish this weekend.  

1. Let the sun shine on your face. If the sun is not shining where you are, than take the lampshade off, put on some sunglasses and turn up the music. Close your eyes and pretend you are somewhere warm. Do whatever you have to do to trick your brain.

2. Say hello to a neighbor. Share some good news with them. Maybe prepare a joke. Here is one you can use: I’ve read so many horrible things about drinking and certain foods recently that I made a new, firm New Year’s resolution: NO MORE READING!

3. Organize a closet.  Create trash and donate piles and then organize the rest.  Celebrate your victory by patting yourself on the back! Your reward is a cleaner closet!

4. Try to remember what your favorite band was when you were 13. Play their music and sing along with the songs. 

5. Go for a walk with a good friend.  Or, take your GORGEOUS SELF for a walk! 

6. Dress up a little bit more, smile wider, say Please and Thank You and make eye contact. 

7. Meditate. Try Insight Timer. Its FREE and has fantastic guided meditations.

8. Surprise someone. Bring them a treat, mail a card, ask them out, do a chore for them -- just randomly do something out of the blue. Spread joy.

9.  Wrap your arms around yourself and say, "I love you! You're doing a great job. Keep moving forward you awesome person you!"

10. Forgive. Forget. Let go. Don't gossip. Just love. Start again. Don't revisit pain. Move forward. This is the hardest practice. I screw up all the time. I say something I wish I didn't. I let yucky feelings overwhelm me. I don't focus on what is working. Remind yourself of all the good, and let go of everything else. Be the good that you need. Be the friend that you need. Just be.