Pt. Reyes Camping Trip

In May, Pedar and Erik went on a four-night camping trip to Pt. Reyes with three third grade Mission Avenue classes. Pedar was on the equipment crew this year and Man Oh Man, the preparation and organization of stuff and food before they left was monumental!


Having been on this field trip with Casey four years ago, I knew what fun they were going to have. While they were away Casey and I had fun spending time together, but by Thursday night, we were ready to welcome them back! Our house was so quiet! Every night Dottie would stand on the arm of the couch and look at the back door, trying to will Pedar to come through the door. It was sweet and sad. 


Pedar said his group did really well sleeping in the tent. There were only three boys in his group and they were good about actually going to sleep in their tent at night. A few nights got chilly, but everyone managed. Some of their favorite moments of the trip was spending the day at the beach, the tidepool morning, the Tule Elk Preserve and the skits at night around the campfire. They enjoyed the beautiful weather, hikes, conversation and plenty of outdoor classroom fun.


Once they got back from the trip, the rest of the school year moved at warp speed. Projects and tests were completed and next thing we knew the school year was over.

We are so grateful to be at Mission Avenue Open Elementary School. The memories and learning from the field trips have enriched our lives.