Concert at a bar with kids? Nopety nope.


We took the kids to their first “real” concert a week ago. We went to Ace of Spades in Sacramento to go see the Aquabats. The concert started at 6 p.m. We arrived around 5:45 p.m. to a huge line. While waiting, we learned that there would be two opening bands. Well darn, we should have arrived at 7:30 p.m. and not waited around standing for 3 hours for the Aquabats. Oops.


Most of the bar, ahem, concert space is standing room only. There are a few (like 40 spots) with seats. The one band kept saying that 742 people were in the bar that night, so, yeah, we stood. Erik is on the shorter side still so his eye level is in the small of most adults backs, yeah, their butts. Pedar put him on his shoulders a few times, but the boy is 9 now, so he isn’t light as a feather anymore.

The bar was packed. There was barely room to move. Before the Aquabats came out, I took Erik upstairs and we found a place near the stairwell for him, so he could see the stage. A nice Dad who had a son about Erik’s age, allowed Erik to stand in front of him, next to them on the stairs so he could see better.
You couldn’t block the stairs, you had to stand next to the wall on the side, so I stood a couple feet behind them. Right after the first song, security was dragging out this woman from the bar area upstairs. She swung at the security and was really hostile. You could tell she was really drunk. She was trying to get away from security as she was led towards the stairs. At this point she was able to swing around and she started to shove Erik down the stairs. He was just in her way and much shorter than him. Thankfully the Dad that was standing by Erik, grabbed him by the collar and kept him up right so he wasn’t pushed down the stairs.

I was behind them watching it all go down, trying to get around the security guard and the drunk lady to Erik. Finally, security grabbed the lady and got her away from Erik and down the stairs. He was crazy frightened and crying uncontrollably. I took him in a corner and checked him out and held him. They brought us some water, but really, what was there to do? He tried to calm down, but after watching a couple more songs, I looked down and tears were still streaming down his face. Pedar and Casey were way close to the stage, so there was no way I was going to be able to tell them that we needed to leave.

Thankfully I had my car keys so we just left and went to the car. I texted Pedar and told him we had to leave, and about 30 minutes later they left as well. We will be more careful about concert venue choices in the future. It was a night we won’t forget, unfortunately not for the FUN reasons we were hoping it would be.