43 helpful things to say to someone who is stressed


I loved this article. I have a tendency to say, "You are OK" way too much when one of the boys is anxious. I needed a few new phrases to help me respond better and these do just the trick!

  1. Let's take a break.
  2. This time is for fun.
  3. Let your brain rest and enjoy the downtime.
  4. There's no pressure.
  5. What is your heart worried about?
  6. Let's have a relaxing morning to set the tone for a stress-free day.
  7. You're not supposed to know how to do everything.
  8. There's no such thing as failing when you're trying something new.
  9. How does your tummy feel about that decision?
  10. You're in a safe place.
  11. Is there a special spot that will make you feel more comfortable talking about it?
  12. It's OK to listen to your body.
  13. I know you're feeling stressed, but let's talk about how we are going to get through it together.
  14. I get worried sometimes too.
  15. You aren't alone.
  16. You might not know that everything's going to be OK — but I do — and you can trust me.
  17. Every time you feel the little alarm inside you go off, take five deep breaths.
  18. I completely understand why you would be worrying about that.
  19. Let's talk about the worst case — and the best case.
  20. I know what that stress feels like, I used to worry about . . .
  21. I want to try to understand exactly what you're stressing about.
  22. I totally get it.
  23. I can tell something is worrying you and I'm here when you're ready to talk about it.
  24. Which part is bogging you down the most?
  25. Let's face our fears together.
  26. Success is just giving it your best, no matter what the outcome.
  27. Let's embrace our mistakes.
  28. First, let's talk about the positives.
  29. Why do you think that's worrying you?
  30. We can read a book while we wait for that bad feeling to go away.
  31. Do you think others are feeling the same way?
  32. What do you think will happen next?
  33. You can do this, and I'm proud of you for trying.
  34. Let's draw our worries.
  35. We're going to put your worry in the corner and check on it in 20 minutes.
  36. We can research it together and learn more.
  37. Let's play devil's advocate.
  38. If (blank) was in this situation, what would they do?
  39. Let's break it down into smaller pieces — what's the first part of concern?
  40. Stress is just a fleeting feeling, let's thank it for stopping by and know that it doesn't have to stay.
  41. What can I do to help you?
  42. I know it's hard not to worry sometimes.
  43. Remember when you made it through the last time?