Hearts are finding me

I have been receiving signs of love! I found a heart-shaped rock in the river on Erik's birthday. At the time I didn't think it was THAT special. I picked it up and brought it home because it made me smile.

On a recent ski trip in Tahoe, I looked down and saw a heart-shaped bit of snow on the ground. This time I pointed it out to Pedar and I said, "Look honey, another heart shape! This is the second one in less than two months!"


I am curious to see how many more heart-shapes I will come across. I will try and take a picture of every one.

I recently had a dream about an angel. It was so real that I couldn't go back to sleep, I turned on the light and wrote about the dream in my journal. I dreamt that a light-filled being made me float. I asked him, and I don't know how I knew it was a "him", it didn't have a face, it was a shape of a person but filled with light.  I asked him if he was good, to make me float again. He held out his hand to me and we floated around my bedroom. I then held out my hand to the boys and Pedar, and one by one, we all floated gently a few feet off the ground while holding hands and moving in a circle. The angel then gently put us down, and then he lit up and floated out the door.  His light looked like the motion blur of a car moving fast at night. When he moved, the light followed him.

I woke up feeling happy and loved. I took my dream as a great sign and I am grateful for it. Thank you, angel, for your visit, please come again. 

Have you ever had a dream with an angel? Please share it with me. Email me or comment. Thanks.