F U, Flu

When I feel crazy far behind I just know I need to jump in somewhere. I want to take a moment to say I was sending you all love and joy over the Holidays. I did not get a card out this year.  I loved receiving cards from loved ones and will get back to it next year. Or I may be creative and send a card when you least expect it! Oh yeah!

We jumped from celebrating Christmas with family and friends to enduring the stomach flu. Erik and I got it a few days after Christmas. As soon as Erik and I recovered, Dottie was fixed and needed extra attention and Casey broke his big toe by dropping the skate ramp on it. And then he got the flu. He was pretty miserable for a few days. I'm ready to FORGET ABOUT it.

Just as the kids were finally back to school and we were ready to kiss the memories of a yucky winter break goodbye, Pedar got the flu. It is OK, we all have had it and now we can move forward.

We had some great moments over the Holidays that I don't want to forget. Some of my favorites were:

Setting up the boys trampoline on Christmas Eve. Hearing the boys wake up on Christmas morning. Inviting family and friends over on Christmas. Watching the boys play with their cousins and friends. Healthy Grandparents playing with Grand kids. Ladybugs all over the trees on our hike to Nevada City. Casey breaking his toe and being so brave while he told me he thought he may have hurt himself. Putting Dottie in a onesie after her surgery so she couldn't get to her stitches (she liked it!). Pedar dressing up as Nisse for the Norwegian Christmas party. Baking and cooking while listening to the kids laugh and play. Gold panning in Coloma for Erik's Birthday. Taking Casey to sushi for his 13th Birthday. The Elam's annual Christmas party! Erik taking care of me while I was sick. Taking care of everyone while they were sick. Cleaning and Mt. Laundry.  Annika watching the boys so we could see a movie and get away for a couple of hours.  Celebrating Melanie, a week late, but we did it! Buying my ticket to Maryland to kiss Emily's head and hug Chris and Jen.  There were so many more moments, but my draft of this post has been lost four times, all done.

We may have had a rough start to 2018 but I am grateful to say goodbye to the flu and hello to happy times. We can do hard things and it makes us so grateful for the good times. It makes me even grateful for the boring times. I love boring. Cheers to a boring 2018.

I am sending so much love and good health to you all, and wishing that this year brings you so much joy your eyes leak and your belly hurts from laughter. Make an ass out of yourself for love, OK?