I am grateful to be loved and understood by an incredibly kind and loving man. These pictures below are in Chris and Jen's hallway in Maryland. I just spent a few nights with them and it was so fun to walk down the stairs every day and see my husband's face. Reverend P -- as Chris calls him, is all love. We can't take anything with us. At the end, we have memories of who and how we loved. I am so grateful to make loving memories with my Pedar.


We love our boys so much. I've learned, especially in the past year and half, that no matter how old they get, I can't take my foot off the pedal. I can't just sit back and hope they "find their way"-- they need us to ENGAGE now more than ever. I'm not as anxious about grapes or pools, it is the bigger things, bullying, and anxiety that keep me up at night. I know love will lead us out of these harder to navigate times, I just need to keep the faith.


Through all of the good and bad, we have love to see us through.  


I wrote this poem for Pedar a few years ago, but it still rings true. 

We are
imperfect and simple
forgiving and supportive
introspective and grateful
hopeful and loving
best friends and parents
and that
is all
we wanted
to be


I hope your heart is filled with love and hope today and always.