School is out

The boys last day of school was Tuesday. We took a day to celebrate their 7th and 3rd grade year, we are back to work. We don't have a ton planned for the Summer, but we do have a camping trip in July and the boys have skateboard camps as well.

This year went faster than the rest. It just did. I never felt like I could get everything done I wanted, so I am trying to get better at being really intentional with my time. There is so little of it. Time is more precious than just about anything.

On Saturday, after I work at the Walk for Love, we are having our nieces Rita and Lila, and nephew Liam over for a super fun camp-out/sleep-over. We are even able to see our youngest niece, Addie, for a little bit as well! We are excited to celebrate the end of the school year with these cutie pies!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am ready to welcome Summer and SLOW DOWN!!