All by myself

This past Sunday I rode my bike to brunch and it was AWESOME. It was only a ten-mile round trip bike ride, but I rode home all by myself. Pedar rode with me to the restaurant and then returned home.

I haven’t been on my bike outside in awhile. I ride the one on a bike stand in my bedroom, but that is it. I have found that I am also hesitant to go running by myself. What is happening to me? Am I turning into a scaredy cat? I don’t currently belong to a gym. I prefer to be outside, but I understand the sense of security that comes with going to a gym. As I was riding my bike home Sunday, all kinds of nasty thoughts were going through my head, “What if a teenager is texting and hits you? What if you fall? What if you get a flat tire?” SO what!!!! I could fall walking to get my mail. I can’t let fear limit what I do. I want to be outside playing, so I am going to play!

Back in 2015 I completed the Eppie’s Ironwoman event. I was slow but determined. I coined myself the “Irish Turtle”. When I think back on that event I remember being really hard on myself. I was mad that I wasn’t faster, that I didn’t put in more training hours, etc. When I think about that day now, I realize I had six and ten-year-old cutie pies that wanted their Mama’s time after work. I had only been at my new job for three months. I am proud that I kept my word with myself to complete Eppie’s. If I allowed my thoughts to make decisions for me, I would never try anything new. I would be afraid to be terrible. The only thing that is going to help me get better is to keep practicing. I don’t need to be the fastest or strongest, I just need to be the best me I can be. If I am having fun, what else really matters???!!!!