Almost Halloween!!

This month has been incredibly busy and speedy. Erik still has soccer every Saturday and practice twice a week. Casey still helps out at SkateMD when he can and is practicing guitar more.

We still have a bit of that huge pile of bark on our driveway. Our goal is to finish it this week. We started planting the 8 trees I bought. Man, I love making projects for us! HA HA HA!

This weekend moved at light speed. Soccer game, yard-work, neighbors annual Halloween party and hosted Rita’s 6th Birthday party.

Didn’t finish planting the trees, or moving the bark or cleaning the house, or, or, or….but it was a great weekend! Yesterday, after everyone left from Rita’s party, we collapsed into different corners of the house and were quiet for a bit. We then made a yummy dinner of panini’s and tomato soup.

My niece Lila told me, “Aunt Nora, your house is the party house! It is so fun here.” Mission accomplished. I just want to create a space where everyone feels relaxed and can enjoy one another’s company. I am only able to do this because I have an incredible partner who supports and helps me with all of my crazy plans. Thank you, Pedar. You are loved and appreciated.