April showers


I was so happy to hug it out with Friday. This week seemed extra long and the hopes of a bit of rain made me want to hunker down and snuggle. Friday night we made a simple dinner and then Erik and I got busy with his zoo project. Erik and I are spending the night at the zoo next month with his first grade class. Every first grader had to choose a zoo animal to study and create a presentation. Erik chose the two-toed sloth. We read all about it and watched videos, and this weekend we  created his presentation. Erik practiced his presentation several times this weekend so we hope he is feeling ready! This Friday is Open House at school. I am so excited to walk through the classrooms and see the projects the kids have been completing all year. IMG_6013[1]

On Saturday morning the boys and I went over to Margery's place to visit. Art and Margery made us a delicious brunch and afterwards the kids and I had fun at the school close to their place.


IMG_5969[1] IMG_5985[1] IMG_5997[1]

We returned home and cleaned house and then went to dinner and to see Zootopia. Super cute movie!! The next morning Pedar made a delicious breakfast and then he and Casey went to meet up with a guy about a bike he found on Craigslist. Casey has outgrown his bike and Pedar has been trying for awhile to find him one on Craigslist. They either would be sold before he could get out to see it with Casey or the folks just wouldn't return a message! But this weekend everything worked out and Casey came home with a gently used bike. Pedar was able to replace a few parts on it to make it as good as new! Casey loves it and rode it all day long yesterday with our super cute neighborhood posse!

IMG_6015[1] IMG_6014[1]

Erik is still playing indoor soccer and had a quick game yesterday. He LOVES playing and it is so fun to see how excited he gets out on the field. Our precious neighbor Ollie and Erik LOVE playing on the same team!!!

Pedar was able to complete a few small sheetrock projects around the house. We have all these random holes in our walls from the previous owners and they are finally getting patched. Our next big project is to complete all the finishing work that we hoped to be able to hire someone to do, but you know what? We can do it our damn selves. It is just a little molding here and there. We've got this!

I'm sure a lot of you are working on Spring cleaning projects. Something about being able to open the windows makes me want to clean the windows and dust the heck out of the house. I also want to help the house lose a little winter weight and go through all the closets and toys again. The garage always needs attention, such a needy place. We were able to donate some of the boys small bikes they have grown out of and other odds and ends. I'm looking forward to organizing our garage a bit better so the bikes, scooters, skateboards and balls don't always turn into such a mess! The amount of stuff that gets taken out and not put back makes me a little coo coo. I'm going to be working on this mantra with them for the rest of their lives, "What you take out, put back. It needs to go back into its home!!" If I have to label a home for everything and put pictures up where things belong so the kids know where things should go, I will!

Goodness me. We also need to start making Summer plans. We need to figure out what camps the boys are going to do and what time we can take off, etc. School is out on June 2 and back in on August 16. We've got eight weeks to fill. Let's do this!

Don't know about you, but man when Monday comes, I get a bit of the blues. I just love being home. I love spending time with my man and boys, gardening, spring cleaning, exercising, visiting with friends and cooking. Hope you all have a great week! Hugs and love!