Be a bucket filler. Kindness is the cure


I absolutely love the idea of teaching kids about kindness rather than anti-bullying.  I want to focus on positive news. Bad news sells. Increased media causes stress and a sense of helplessness and a negative world view. I think we need to be aware that what we are watching is not the norm, it is the exception, that is what makes it news. When my kids see something upsetting, I want them to immediately think, "What can I do to help?" Maybe it is a friend that is sad, I want them to brainstorm ways to help like, "Maybe sitting by them, or sharing a snack, or inviting them to play will help? Maybe making them laugh can help??" YES to all of it!

The TedxTalk Kindness is the Cure by Cindy Grimes is fantastic. Here is a little excerpt from it:

Studies show that observers of kindness receive just as many benefits as the person that performed the kind deed, or the person who received the kindness. How great is that??!!! And did you know that being kind makes you better looking?!!

Here are three ways to make a difference:

  1. Become aware and notice kindness all around you. What you seek you will find.
  2. Be kind. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  3. Spread kindness. Talk about stories of kindness you have witnessed. Share good stories!

Visit Random Acts of Kindness for more ideas.

If not you, than who?