Be flawsome


Today I gave a lunch and learn presentation at my work about being a brand champion. Our website launched over a year and half ago but so many of our employees have never visited or liked/followed our social media accounts. When I was first asked to give this presentation, I was  annoyed. I have too much "real work" already.  How will I have time to create a great PowerPoint presentation? I don't have anyone to help me. But then my boss said that by giving this presentation, I was showing everyone how important my role is here. How could I say No to that? I didn't. I decided to be Flawsome, which is someone who embraces their "flaws" while still trying to be awesome. My presentation may not have been perfect, but I made it interesting and engaged with the audience. I had a good turnout and I felt supported. This presenting stuff isn't all that bad. I just need to keep improving. I need to shorten the time I waste having 'a moment' when I'm asked to present. Mistakes help me learn. Everything just takes time and effort. Today was a good day for a good day.


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