Be true to you


I'm watching several 10-year-olds, especially a particularly favorite one of mine, navigate through some new territory and it is bringing up a lot of memories for me. Here is a bit of advice that I wished someone had shared with me:

  1. Be true to you. Friends may come and go, but stick to your talents and what you want.
  2. Be kind first. No matter what.
  3. Call your friends on their shit. If they are mean to you or someone else, tell them to stop. If they don't, and you choose to be with them, you are now a cheerleader of their bad behavior.
  4. Be careful about your reputation. It forms so quickly. What do you want to be known for? You will be known for something.
  5. Not all teachers are going to be great. Put your head down and do your best to avoid the moody/mean ones. You have YouTube! There are a ton of fantastic teachers that have made videos that can explain it better.
  6. Try new things. Take risks. Don't decide so quickly what you like and don't like and are good at or not. Try a lot of different things.
  7. But yes, keep working on your natural gifts. Use your talents for good. Don't be a show off.
  8. Raise your hand. Make eye contact. Get involved. Don't hang back. Give teachers and adults respect. Don't interrupt. Offer to help.
  9. Ask for help. Hang out with the smartest kid. Learn good study habits. Do MORE than what is expected.
  10. Say please and thank you. Be a friend to someone who needs one.



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