Because you can


My Dad was transferred to a rehab health center on Wednesday, Sept. 6th. He spent his birthday 9/11, and his 46th wedding anniversary on 9/12 inside this place. I cannot wait to give him a redo of these special occassions. As you can guess, most of the patients are much older than my Dad, and doing much worse. Putting on a brave face and staying positive during visits are mandatory. The main reason he is in this place is because he is on a wound pump. He has had it since his surgery on August 25. I keep hoping to walk into his room and see the wound healed. He is getting better. I just want him out of there so badly. I am trying to motivate him to walk more. It is so hard to motivate someone who is feeling down and has pain. I keep saying, "You should walk, because you can!" I really mean that. I want him to  celebrate his health, even if it isn't perfect. He is has so much to be grateful for.

Last Thursday it really felt like he was giving up. He said he wasn't getting better and turned away and didn't want to talk anymore. I had a moment where I questioned if I should accept what he was telling me. But then I talked to his brother and he told me to make him fight. And so I have been a pain in his ass everyday since.

Watching him be in a hospital bed since August 21 is inspiring me to push myself to be as strong and healthy as I can. Let's be a pain in the ass to eachother to be as healthy as we can be, OK? I welcome the push.  I have so much to be grateful for and want to celebrate this beautiful life as long as I can.