Like Ina Garten

Inspiration. You just never know where it will come from, right? Several years back I saw a picture of Ina Garten's garden with all white hydrangeas. I had a wall of hot pink hydrangeas at our old house, but I loved the idea of a moonlight garden.

I knew the spot I wanted to plant, but first, we had a ton of work to do and so many damn trips to the dump!

We cleared the terrible wood, stumps and privets and put in irrigation and decomposed granite. Then I planted white hydrangeas.

Our neighbors hosted a wedding and put in all new fences. We shared the cost for the one side, so now a part of our yard has a lovely new fence.

I wanted to create a beautiful spot where the piles of old wood had lain for years, causing termites. We had the house tented when we bought it.


Here is the side yard today! I LOVE looking out my kitchen window at these gorgeous hydrangeas. Pedar put up these great shade sails and they are helping them not get burned. I planted a white camellia in the corner as well.

Looking forward to welcoming more beautiful plants, trees and flowers soon!