Broken down car

Last week my car broke down. I was going to run a quick errand on my lunch break. So I was headed on the freeway. I had mentioned to Pedar that my battery light was coming on. He said, “We just replaced your battery.” I said, “Well, the light keeps coming on.” I don’t like car stuff. I hate not knowing what the heck the mechanic is saying when they try to explain what is wrong.

Anyhoo. I was in the lane to go onto the freeway on Auburn Blvd, and my car idled and died. I put my hazard lights on and waved people around me, but it was a little sketchy getting out and sitting in the lane.


Just as I was considering running across the lanes to wait on the sidewalk, an old grumpy man pulled up alongside me and said, “Hey! You could have done a better of job of showing that you were broken down. I got stuck behind you.” I said, “My hazard lights are on.” And then he said, “It took me forever to get around you.” And then I said, “God bless you, ASSHOLE!” He was angry that my BROKEN DOWN CAR was putting him out. Oh dear, oh bother.

I was getting really anxious watching everyone almost slam into the back of my car, so as soon as I could, I popped the trunk open and ran across the street.

We recently dropped our AAA roadside service because our car insurance has roadside. I have never called it and couldn’t find the card, so thankfully Pedar answered my call. While waiting for a tow truck, a nice man helped me push it to the side of the road. When Pedar arrived, he pushed it even further into the mental health hospital entrance. We tried to jump it, but she was dead.

Eventually the tow truck came and we followed it to Garage 47. The mechanic guessed it was the alternator and it was. Thankfully it was repaired by the end of the day, so other than missing a half a day of work, everything was OK.

I am so grateful that I didn’t break down on the freeway. I am happy to know now what number to call for roadside assistance. I haven’t had car trouble in a loooonnnnngg time and my little car is getting old. I am grateful to Garage 47 for being able to fix my car the same day! I am grateful it was lunchtime and Pedar was able to hang out with me for a bit before his meeting and get me home.

It could have been worse. It wasn’t the best day, but it wasn’t too bad. Cheers to “not bad” days!