We went camping this weekend to Upper Blue Lakes. The boys had camp till 1 p.m., and we had work, so we left later than we wanted. It was about 107 when we were packing the truck. The air conditioner in my car died earlier in the week, so the 106 degree drive home from work on Friday sucked all the energy and joy out of me. I tried to rally, but something about the heat just makes you move so slow and feel so angry at the world. We finally got packed and headed to Nana's to drop off Curly. Poor little fur-dude was not happy about going out in the heat. The road into Blue Lakes is sketchy, very narrow dirt roads with a lake on the other side. I was tense the entire ride to our campsite. We finally arrived around 7 p.m. Friends greeted us with a cool beverage and helped us set up our tent before it got dark. We shared a delicious meal and enjoyed the campfire and amazing stars.

IMG_7580 IMG_7581

The next morning we prepared for an entire day by the lake. Several families brought kayak's and paddleboards. Our campsites were just a short walk from the lake.


We could walk up, make lunches and walk back down. It was "real camping" at its best. No bathrooms or sinks. Just a pit toilet and a water spout every 150 yards or so. You just had to accept that you were going to get dirty. The lake was our shower and we took several dips. The weather was great, so much better than 106. There was also no wi-fi so the kids and adults played all day without a screen.



On Sunday we packed up and headed back a bit before lunch. On the way down the mountain, Pedar pulled over to help a woman with a flat tire. He taught her teenage son how to change a tire. We finally made it home around 3 p.m., unloaded our camping stuff and began cleaning and preparing for the week ahead.

Only 17 more days till school starts. Have a great week everyone!!