Casey is 14

Happy 14th Birthday, Casey!


This year you really GREW, in so many important ways. You are taller than me and wear a size 11 shoe. You are really enjoying eighth grade and being a part of the Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) group and serving as a teachers aid in P.E. for kids that need a little extra help. You are still drawing a ton and working on skateboarding. You are REALLY interested in earning money. You still boss Erik around a bit and expect him to act and do as much as you do, but he is four years younger, something you like to forget, wink wink.


Next year you start high school. I am looking forward to supporting the choices you make while you test and learn who YOU are. Your Dad and I love you, all the time, no matter what. We hope you will come to us when you have questions or are struggling with anything. We feel so lucky to be your parents and honored to help you.