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If you give Nora new patio furniture, she will want a sanded/stained deck to go with it....

One day I looked at the patio furniture on our deck and realized I couldn’t look at it anymore. Our neighbors on Oxbow put it out for free in 2004 and I painted it and stuck some patio cushions on it. I was done looking at it, so I finally bought this set on Wayfair. I put our old set on Facebook Marketplace for Free and it was gone within the hour. I love giving stuff away to people that want it! Hurrah!

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Facebook Marketplace is the SH%T!

It all started with wanting to get rid of the office armoire. You all know how it happens. You move a piece of furniture inside and tell yourself it is just for a little bit, you’ll get what you REALLY want soon. Then life happens and other projects and BOOM, next thing you know it has been THREE or 20 years and you still have the furniture that you never liked inside your house.

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