The week before school started we took some time off of work and went camping for two nights and then we drove to Cayucos and spent three fantastic nights in a beach house Pedar found on Airbnb. Thank you, Pedar! On the way to Cayucos we stopped and had lunch with the Craycraft family. The last time I saw Mike and Jennifer was on our wedding day in 2001. They now have three cool kids! We enjoyed a nice visit and continued down the highway to the ocean. It was so nice to feel the temperature drop the closer we got to our destination. We all felt cooked from our hot summer. We arrived at our rental house a bit before dinner, unpacked, started laundry (yeah for clean clothes!) and took turns riding the boogie board down the hill behind the house. We watched the sunset from our balcony. That night we watched the movie "That's What I Am." It was the BEST movie. I think every kid should have to watch it. There were so many important topics discussed: Coming of age, bullying, racism, homophobia, abuse and more.

The next day we got up and spent the entire day at the beach. Pedar enjoyed body surfing. The boys and I loved walking around the docks and beach. Casey and I did a little shopping and bought delicious cookies from the Brown Butter cookie company. We went to dinner in Morro Bay that evening. It was a perfect day.

The following day we went to the local skate park, walked around Cambria and went out to the tide pools. Our last day in Cayucos we bought a skimboard and Pedar taught the boys how to ride it. We played in the ocean for a bit and then jumped in the car and headed home.

The kids are getting bigger and easier to travel with! Casey ENJOYED walking and shopping with me. I took him into a few antique shops and he thought they were funny. Erik and Casey want to try EVERYTHING. They want to surf, boogie board, skim board, skateboard-- all of it!

Two days after this trip the boys started school. Time  and dates have been a blur ever since August 18 with work, school, soccer practice and homework. I'm still trying to find my rhythm with this new school year. Casey's class already went to Alliance Redwoods for a two night field trip last week!

Life is never boring. So much good stuff happens everyday. What good stuff happened to you today? Hope you share some good news with someone today! Hugs to you all!