Celebrating Christian and Alicia


We recently hosted a shower to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our cousin Alicia and her fiance Christian. They live in the Los Angeles area and they both travel a lot for work, so it was wonderful to have them in Sacramento and give everyone a chance to toast them before their wedding in Germany later this Summer.

The weather turned yucky a few days before the party, so we decided to turn our garage into a party spot. I ran to Ikea the Friday morning before the shower and purchased several curtain panels. Pedar hung the curtains on PVC pipe with zip ties connected to screw-eyes. It was so fantastic how quick they all went up. We then hung lights and paper lanterns. It looked so pretty. I had rented tables and chairs because it was supposed to be a garden wedding shower, but Mother Nature had different plans.

The party started and the sky opened up. It poured just as everyone was arriving. I think the rain deterred a few folks, but we had a great turnout. Karen helped with the flowers and Dagny and Lindsey helped me so much with everything else. I was so grateful. We chatted, nibbled, mingled and then toasted the couple. After the toast, Erik and Christian’s daughter Alex were jumping on the trampoline, so I joined them. We were soaked so why not jump in the pool? A bunch of us jumped in! It was freezing, but fun. The party kept going till late into the night. We had a blast.

I didn’t get enough pictures of the lovely couple, but we managed to get a few of the party people. I hope Christian and Alicia felt loved and know how excited we are for their wedding in Germany! We wish we could go!! Cheers to Alicia and Christian! We love you.