Weekend Wrap-up!


Saturday morning we got up, ran some errands and then headed to Erik's first soccer game with his new team the Red Devils. When we arrived to the game, all the boys were given brown arm bands in honor of their coach,  Methven Brown. Methven died unexpectedly on July 20 at 47-years-old. His youngest son plays on the team. In fact, his son made two goals at the game and would point up at the sky and smile after every goal. The Red Devils won their first game. We feel really lucky to be on this team. img_8447 img_8449

Saturday evening we celebrated my Dad's birthday and my parents  and Bridget and Chuck's wedding anniversary. It was great watching the kids play and hearing about how school is going. img_8451

On Sunday, Pedar left early to go on a bike ride with friends benefiting the American River Parkway.

img_8488 img_8491img_8490In September I get really itchy to go to the nursery, so the boys and I headed to Green Acres and picked up a few new green friends. I have so many dreams for our yard. Little by little it will happen.



Erik saw this praying mantis eating a moth while we were out planting last night. He got this awesome picture!


We added a smoke bush and a few more plants to the front flower bed and a camelia  in the backyard.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the work/school week. Hope everyone has a great week!!