Celebrating school success


On Tuesday the boys had their parent teacher conferences. They both are doing really well. What I loved hearing most was that they are polite in class and kind and helpful to their classmates. They try hard and are improving in all areas since the beginning of school. The boys are self motivated and it helps with their school work a lot. Well, Casey is better than Erik. We're working with Erik on getting his homework done before playtime. It is OK for me to say that I am proud of my kids. They are doing really well right now and it's nice to just breathe it in and enjoy it. IMG_4816We're having a really good time with this parenting stuff. Yeah, some days are harder than others. But a lot of the days are really fun. We just love our boys so much! I want them to feel safe and secure and provide opportunitiesĀ  for them so they can grow personally and socially and in all the ways you want your kids to grow up.

IMG_4858Pedar LOVES coaching Erik and his little buddies. It has been a wonderful soccer season. Sad to say goodbye to it on Saturday. This may be the first time ever I am sad to close a sports season.

IMG_4859Casey got a part in the school musical!! He is doing really well with his trombone playing and his artwork is crazy awesome.

IMG_4948Erik has amazing bedhead.

IMG_4953Erik RUNS wherever he goes. He might need to be in track soon.

IMG_4999This dude loves to whittle wood. I'm over my fear of his knife. He's got it. Feeling grateful for great teachers, a husband that LOVES being a Dad and life in general.