Climbing fun

On Friday we celebrated our sweet neighbor Abby's 11th birthday at a rock climbing party! We all had a blast! Thank you, Melissa and Brad for such a fun party!

The rest of the weekend flew by.  We loved the cooler weather and got a bit of outdoor work done. Casey had a big state homework project and a birthday party in West Sacramento. Next thing we knew it was Sunday night and I started to panic/prepare to perform for a fundraising event for My Sister's House. Pedar was asked to perform and I volunteered to put a group together. Everyone that was going to be part of a big group performance got busy, so I asked my friend Rod Stinson who performs regularly at events to sing a duet with me. We met a few times to practice and next thing we knew, the event was here. More on this fun night as soon as the darn video loads. I feel a bit like Curly today. Hope everyone has a great day!


Last week on my way out of San Diego, my co-worker and I stopped by Old San Diego and I bought these awesome wrestling masks for the boys. We sat on a bench and wore them and laughed as people laughed at/with us! I think I need to put this mask on today and laugh some more!!