Congratulations, Deputy!!

Last night we celebrated Melanie's graduation from the Sacramento Sheriff's Academy.  She has worked so hard and we are so proud of her. Most of the graduates put their birth date in their bio in the graduation program. Seeing the years most of the graduates were born, and then reading Melanie's bio and seeing that she graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Master's in Social Work the same year most of her classmates were born, made me even more proud of her. Knowing that she was one of the oldest, and one of only a handful of women, only makes her accomplishment even more fantastic. This is her second career and she is a gift to the Sheriff department. We've had the honor of knowing Melanie for over ten years now. I cherish our friendship. The last few years haven't been easy on her. Watching her keep moving forward and change direction to provide a better life for herself and her son, has been inspirational. She is such a hard worker. She doesn't give up. She grits her teeth and completes the work necessary, even after popping her knee out of socket during a maneuver in the academy. When she told me she passed all of her exams, I just cried in relief for her.

Congratulations Melanie. I know you will make a difference wherever you go. We love you. We are so proud of you.