Cosmo the Surfing Dog


I am looking forward to posting pictures from our Hawaii trip and sharing some funny travel stories very soon. We got back at midnight on Monday and yesterday we took Casey back to the doctor, grocery shopped and did laundry. Why did we go to the doctor? Oh because Casey came down with a nasty cough in Hawaii. We ended up taking him to Kaiser in Honolulu on Thursday and getting him an inhaler and amoxicillin for Bronchitis. And wouldn't you know it, just like Erik, the amoxicillin did nothing, so by Sunday, we were desperate to get home to get some real meds. Grrr. I don't want to go to the doctor or a pharmacy again for a LONG ASS TIME! At some point during the trip, I started to wonder if I am horrible de-germer/cleaner and am bringing all this stupid illness on my family somehow?! I mean WHAT-THE-HELL? I have PTSD from the sound of coughing. I don't want to hear anymore DAMN coughing! I will be bleaching all the things and throwing away our toothbrushes again. WHAT THE HELL? What else can I do? I am open to suggestions!!!

I am back at work today. Pedar took the day off to take Casey to his junior high orientation. Wow. Yeah. Junior High.

Anyhoo, this post is about Cosmo the surf dog, you can find him on Instagram here. On Friday, after my Aunt and Uncle's funeral, we went to the Jack Johnson concert with a bunch of cousins.

The day before we had gone to Kaiser for Casey. We tried to make most of the day, but was pretty bummed to spend a day in Hawaii at the doctor's. Casey's cough was so bad that we decided he should stay at the hotel with my Mom and not go to the concert. We gave our extra tickets to our cousins. So, we are at the concert, feeling concerned about Casey and generally a bit bummed and I look over and see Cosmo the Surf Dog on a skateboard. His owner is pushing him on the street. I point him out to Pedar and say, "Look, he looks like a big Curly! I love him!"

We get into the concert, grab some food and sit in the shade. Our grass seats were in the sun and it was HOT. As we are sitting, Cosmo and his owner sit down right in front of us! I jump up and rush to him. I show his owner pictures of Curly and I take pictures with Cosmo. He is a Tibetan Terrier and is just the coolest dog.

I was in such a poopy mood but after I petted Cosmo for a bit, I was so much happier. I think it was the universe telling me that everything was going to be OK. Thank you, Cosmo for making me smile.