Curly Joe

“I guess this is goodbye, old pal, you’ve been a perfect friend.” ~ Jack from Into the Woods

It is so hard to say goodbye to Curly. He has been a treasured friend to us for over 15 years. We never really knew how old he was, but he was most likely 16 and a half. Curly recently started limping and lost bladder control. He couldn’t see or hear much anymore and sometimes he would just stand and cry. Pedar and I have been carrying him outside to use the bathroom. I was becoming more and more afraid that he was in a lot of pain. He hates medicine and will spit it out, even if you crush it and put it in salami or cheese. Yesterday I called Lap of Love and asked them to come help us say goodbye.

I told the boys last night when I got home from work that tomorrow we would say goodbye to Curly. Pedar was in Chico and Paradise all day with a co-worker and I didn’t want to tell him I made the decision over the phone, so he didn’t know the plan until 8:30 p.m. Last night we held, spoiled, cried and loved on Curly. We didn’t sleep very well knowing what was in store for the next day, but I felt an acceptance come over the house.

Dr. Sue, the Vet came over this morning to our house at 9:30 a.m. The boys, my Mom and Pedar’s parents were all with us at the house as well. She helped us prepare and then we hugged and kissed him goodbye. She gave him a sedative and while she administered it, the boys fed him salami, his favorite. It was only two minutes later that he was asleep. We hugged him a bit more and then she gave him the final dose of medicine. His death was peaceful and beautiful. Pedar and I picked a beautiful spot in the backyard and buried him. Our tears haven’t stopped all morning, but putting him to rest really helps me feel at peace.

I brought home Curly on Dec. 4, 2013. His story is here.


Curly was so patient as we fixed up our house and welcomed Casey in 2004 and Erik in 2008. He loved walks, but if we stayed too long at the park, he would walk himself back to our house on Oxbow and wait on the porch. He loved sleeping by Erik’s feet. It was sad when he couldn’t jump up on the beds and couches anymore. He was so smart and calm. He didn’t like car rides and other dogs made him nervous, but he LOVED us. He especially loved Casey and Erik.

Goodbye, Curly. Thank you for loving us so beautifully. Thank you for always being there for me. Walking you helped me through a lot of tough moments. Thank you for entertaining the boys. Thank you for your snuggles and kisses and guarding the house. Thank you for always loving us. We hope to see you again.

Curly’s 12th birthday post

I created a Curly Joe playlist on YouTube so I can watch them when I need.

These were the pictures we took last night.

More pictures of our precious buddy.