Curly's 12th Anniversary

Pedar reminded me last night that today, December 4, is the anniversary of Curly's adoption! We brought home the little six-month-old fur-ball and fell madly in love. He is 12 and a half years old. I remember calling my sis-n-law, Sierra. She was due any day with my first niece, Ava. She picked up and I said, "You're an Aunt too!" And she said, "WHAT?!" Hee hee. Curly and Ava are about the same age. It is funny how after you have kids you mark time with your kids ages. I have clothing that I look at and say, "Those pants are ten years old. I bought them when Casey was on my hip." Life is funny.

I think everyone should have a dog to remind them how to love. Dogs just love. They don't ask for anything. They don't need you to be a certain way or believe what they believe, they just love. They are loyal and kind. I want to love like Curly. I want to be as cute as him too. I mean, oh my goodness. Happy Friday. Hope you love unconditionally today.