Be sweet to yourself!

There is a theory that if you crave sweets, you may have lacked a bit of sweetness in your childhood. Maybe you didn't hear enough words of encouragement or were properly cared for with love and affection when things were tough. The theory goes that the way some self-soothe and fill that void is with sweets or alcohol, etc. The way to end the cycle of needing sugar is to be more sweet to yourself, with self-talk and self-care.

What does being sweeter to ourselves look like? We can check-in and give ourselves the compassion and support we need. We can give ourselves a little pep-talk. We can stop being so hard on ourselves. I break promises with myself all the time, and I don't like it, but is beating myself up going to help me? I don't think so.

While we are being more loving to ourselves, we can be gentler and kinder to everyone. We can stop saying, "Get over it," and help those we love through it. We can FEEL more and THINK less, and slow down. 

We can stop judging. We don't know everything about anyone. Why do we think we do? What good does it do to judge anyone? It doesn't. It separates us from one another which I think is the opposite of what we need. We need to be in a herd. We need a community. We need people to check-in on us.

So, as we race towards a New Year, please stop and give yourself some love. You are doing the best you can. Hug your beautiful inner child and tell them how very special and loved they are. I bet they need to hear it.

So much love to you.