Hole in the deck, dear Liza

Back in May, we had our trees trimmed and one of the guys accidentally created a hole in the deck. It wasn't his fault, rot was at fault.

We decided to host a gathering on the Fourth of July this year, and the more we looked at the deck, the more we realized we had to fix it. We really wanted to remove it all and create concrete steps, but that would be around $10,000. Until we pay off the equity loan that we took out for the paver patio around our pool, all large projects are on hold. (I really need to blog about that project! I am so behind!)

So....we figured out how much of the deck was rotted and ordered the redwood. Our neighbor was amazing and picked up the wood for us in his big truck. Our five-foot truck bed has its limits. Pedar got started on the deck on Saturday, June 30. It was 103. It. Was. Miserable. I did everything I could to ensure Pedar didn't get heat stroke, but I was still worried. After uncovering all the rot, we quickly realized we would need twice as much wood. Another order made, another desperate call to a neighbor. Thankfully, it all worked out. Just about the time I was afraid Pedar's organs were cooked, our neighbor Brad dropped by and gave Pedar some tips and tricks to finish the project. We were so incredibly grateful to Brad for helping us in the last hour. He really helped us finish.

Working on the deck reminded me of the countless hours we have put in on other projects while our kids waited ALL DAY for our attention. We continue to stop and feed and check in, but wow, being a parent and working on projects is not easy. It is easier now that they are big, but all day projects are hard, on everyone.

The next day, we headed to Arnold to stay a night at my cousins cabin, celebrate her birthday, and see a concert at Ironstone Amphitheatre in Muphy's. My uncle Stephen and his friend Mary stayed with the boys while we were out for a bit. I love outdoor concerts. Ever since we saw Jack Johnson last year in Oahu, I am hooked!!

Anyhoo. Pedar was able to make the deck sturdy enough for the dogs to be OK while we left for one night. The concert was great. We enjoyed a quick birthday breakfast with my cousin, her family and my Uncle, and then we were on our way back home to work and complete the deck.

On July 2nd Pedar and Casey finished screwing in all the boards and we enjoyed a beautiful night swim to celebrate. We still need to sand it all down and apply a simple stain, but we can get to that soon. The deck is now safe.

The next day we worked and then shopped and prepared for the 4th of July. We haven't given ourselves that tight of deadline in awhile, it was a little stressful, but OK. The thing about working on projects yourself is that you always have a pile of crap waiting to haul away. Every time I get the side-yard empty, we fill it up with debris from trees or projects. I appreciate the progress, but hate the pile. I push for a dump run as soon as we can. We actually went this Saturday morning, so my side-yard isn't a war zone anymore! Hurrah!