Dottie is four-months-old!

We brought home our little furball on August 12. The first few weeks were rough. She was still learning to do her business on the puppy pads and she antagonized Curly by biting his tail and jumping at his face. Our home had a chorus of, "Oh damn! She peed and pooped again!"  Every time we let her out in the backyard we thought she might get out or get killed by a hawk. We no longer worry about her getting out. She loves her boys and just wants to be with us. She is having a hard time pushing through the second door of the dog-door. We hope she learns that soon so when we are home at night and on weekends she can just go outside like Curly.

Dottie loves walks, and she hops like a bunny! She had her final shots yesterday and we will get her fixed in early December. She sleeps beautifully in her crate all night and she only has half of her baby teeth left, so biting is getting better too. But the best news is that Curly is starting to accept his baby sister. It was hard to see him so stressed. Poor old man didn't ask for this new furball, but yesterday when I got home from the vet, he genuinely seemed concerned. They don't cuddle yet, but a girl can dream. We were hoping that Dottie might be around 15 pounds, like Curly, but it looks like she may only be about 11 pounds. Right now she is only five pounds.

I never thought we would have two dogs, but I Iove it. Curly is such a gentle, sweet old man and Dottie is so playful and cute. The last few months have been stressful for many reasons and these sweet dogs have given so much love. I am so grateful for Dottie and Curly.