Drats! Broken toe means no more soccer.


Saturday evening we were watching a movie. Erik was making paper airplanes and was being silly. He went to kick a pillow and instead kicked the arm of an upholstered chair with nail trim. He yelled out, "Help me, Mom!"We knew from the cry alone that it was bad news. His right foot started swelling and turning green. He limped most of Sunday and just laid low. On Monday he came home from school still limping. I made a doctors appointment and took him in yesterday. Saw the doc, got an x-ray. Yep, third toe broken, with maybe a small fracture on the upper part of his foot as well. Four weeks no soccer, no running. Total bummer. img_8897

Erik made this funny video while waiting at the doctors office. He has taken the news pretty well. His soccer team has five more games which is disappointing but he is hoping to be able to play in the last game in November. I'm just looking forward to him not limping. I can tell it hurts. I'm grateful the weather is getting colder. I am going to try and distract him with some new art projects and math games.