Eighth Grade Graduation

Casey graduated from eighth grade on Wednesday, June 5th. We cheered for Casey and his friends and celebrated them reaching another milestone. No more junior high. Woot Woot.

Casey had a fantastic eighth grade year. He did really well in all of his classes and loved being an assistant for the special education students. He enjoyed helping and was fortunate to make a dear friend named Muhammad who is blind in one eye and hearing impaired. He would seek Casey out everyday and sit with him at lunch. We are proud of Casey for being inclusive and kind.

My parents and Margery and Rita came over before the main event and Dagny, Dean and Addie met us at the graduation. We enjoyed a quick swim after the ceremony. At graduation, when they called his name, we were yelling and cheering. Thankfully Jim Edwards caught this picture of Casey blowing us a kiss in the stands! BEST PICTURE EVER!

It was a school night so the evening felt a little rushed. Casey had two finals the next day, so we had to end the celebration early.

As we were saying goodnight to one another, Casey shared that he appreciated the balloons, family and ice cream. He felt loved and celebrated. He is ready to move on to El Camino High School and we are ready to love and support him every step of the way.