Endorphins are awesome!


We had a wonderful weekend. It was full of sunshine, friends and exercise induced endorphin fun. We are going into the week feeling a bit more at peace and less stressed. Thank you exercise, friends and sunshine! On Friday we brought to dinner to our friends Megan and Jeff.  We couldn't wait to meet their new little sweet pea, Simon Eugene! He was born on January 14th,  weighing 8 pounds/12 ounces and  21 inches long. Simon and his parents are all doing really well.



IMG_5126[1]The next day, while Pedar played with Rita and the boys, I went with Margery to take her Bikram class in Lincoln. I hadn't taken a class in almost two years so I was really nervous. I shouldn't have been, she is a wonderful teacher, her students are very lucky. She is so supportive and kind.


IMG_5153[1]Later that afternoon, we met Kealii and Kekoa out by Folsom Lake for a mountain bike ride. This was Erik's first time on the trail by himself and he LOVED it. Man, I need to put a Go-Pro on his helmet so you can see how fast he takes the hills. Oh my heart. Casey and Kekoa had a blast too. These kids are riding so fast. It is so cool to have to work hard to keep up with them!


On Sunday, I had to take Casey shopping.  He came out of his room that morning in shorts that were a second skin on him. He has grown out of all of his shorts,  t-shirts and shoes again. He is now wearing size 14 shorts, 14/16 shirts and an 8 in men's shoes. It was FUN shopping with Casey, he was really patient and makes decisions really quickly. Made my heart happy. Pedar took Erik out to fly planes and play with his truck. It was a gorgeous 70 degrees yesterday. I love you Spring. I love you sunshine. I love you California.








We watched the Super Bowl at our neighbors. Pedar and I won $16 in the pool. Yahoo!!


We tried to use the selfie stick to take a group picture, but we are missing at least 10 people in this shot! Oh well!! We had a great time. Thank you, Melissa and Brad!

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR YARD RIGHT NOW!! Do you see the dead TREE right off the path right there? We have been cleaning up this area slowly. It was full of privets and the dead tree. We hired someone to take out the tree and rid this area of all the yuck for once and for all. They are at the house right now!! I LOVE A CLEAN SLATE!! OH YES I DO! We are getting ready to build the garden area I have been wanting!



OK everyone. I'm praying and hoping that you have a good week. Make it happen. Activate some endorphins. Get your heart pumping. Let's do this!