Fixing up the shed

The side of our yard closest to the shed, was filled with privets and berry bushes and had a terrible short chain link fence and cattle gate.  Cattle gate? Oh yeah, our house came with three. Last year we took the chain link fence down, built a new fence and gate. The year before we removed the privets and the dead tree. 

I planted Jupiters Beard around the shed a few months ago and they are filling in nicely. I was hand watering them for a few months and last weekend Pedar hooked them up to a drip system. This made me feel like I should plant more!

Pedar is going to build a short fence from the back of the garage to the shed, so we can open and close our back fence without worrying about Dottie getting out. The pool guy comes from the back fence too and he left the gate open once and she got out. It was scary! We also want to hide our garbages!


The shed looked really plain to me, so I started thinking. We had this bike that our friend Kealii gave us and no one was using it. I love the look of the metal bike I hung above potted plants a few years ago, so I thought why not mirror it on the shed and grow some vines on it?


Pedar removed the tires and other odds and ends from the bike. I chose a rust colored spray paint and covered the bike with it. I planted two types of clematis in the garden beds so they can grow all over the shed.

We mounted the bike and then put baling wire on the other side of the shed. We will also add it next to the bike so the vines can grow all over. I may even add it to the roof! I fertilized the new vines and now we get to enjoy watching them grow. I LOVE IT!!!!