Father's Day

We celebrated Pedar all Father's Day weekend doing all the things he loves! We got up Saturday and rode our bikes to the Farmer's Market. Later in the day, we went to the CSUS Aquatic Center and kayaked. Casey fished a bit, but only lost bait. After a while, the wind really picked up, making it so we had to work hard to make it back to the dock. This woman on a paddleboard was having a temper tantrum in the middle of the lake. She finally chilled out and made it back. She was a very entertaining part of our experience.

The next morning we met my parents at Tower Theatre to see Mr. Rogers. It was so wonderful. I thought about the movie all week. After the movie, we took Pedar out to 19 Handles for lunch and later in the evening, we made him a delicious salmon dinner.


Watching Pedar cry while reading his Father's Day cards and opening his gifts is so touching. I love that he openly expresses his feelings. He is teaching the boys that it is OK to feel out loud as well.

As a Dad, Pedar is a hugger and kisser. He works hard, laughs and plays. He skateboards, bikes, cooks, fixes and cuddles. The boys are so lucky to have this beautiful man as their Dad.

This picture was taken four years apart. New Father's Day tradition, take this picture every year if we can! I love it so much!!!