Erik is almost 10

We celebrated Erik’s 10th Birthday 29 days ahead of schedule (Dec. 30 is his birthday!) with a handful of friends. After his friends were dropped off at our house, Pedar and I packed them in our cars for fun at Mojo Dojo. We then returned home to lunch and time to play four square and hide and seek. Erik requested chocolate cupcakes for dessert! I finally learned how to make chocolate frosting from scratch and it was delicious!

As the boys get older, their parties get smaller. I know it is hard for them to only pick a few friends to celebrate with, but it helps us keep it manageable. I loved watching Erik play with his friends and getting to know his buddies a bit more. Ten-year-olds are still so squishy and sweet. I am loving this sweet age so much.

Dear Erik

As you approach your tenth birthday, I want to write down a bit about what your personality is like at this moment. You are a patient and determined kid. You have a beautiful singing voice and great dance ability too. You love your dogs and you kiss them goodbye every morning before school. You love soccer, running, tag and four square. You can build things easily and have great focus. Your writing, reading and math is coming along nicely. You are putting in the time and work using Moby Max to help you reach your fourth grade goals. You are not a morning person, but you manage to get to choir practice by 7:15 a.m., twice a week with no trouble. You love to hide, and sometimes scare us when you don’t come out of hiding right away. You have a terrific imagination and illustrate your incredible stories. Your artwork is very symmetrical and colorful. You don’t like it when Casey controls you or bosses you around and rather than use your words, you sometimes get a little rough. You are not afraid of the bigger guys coming at you during a soccer game. It is fun to watch you glide around them and get the ball away. Go defense! You still love for us to read to you at night, and you love a good snuggle.

We love you so much, Erik. We are so proud of you!

This picture is so precious. I took it at Erik’s baptism. He was six-months-old. Gavin, our cousin, who is holding Erik, is now 19-years-old and a freshman in college.

Did you watch Day of our Lives??? I did!

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”