First day of school


Today the boys went back to school. Casey is in sixth and Erik is in second grade. They were a little nervous and had a bit of hard time falling asleep, but other than that, the morning went great. Erik called out from his bed last night, "I'm growing up, Mom. Soon I'll be leaving for college." eriksecondgrade

Goodbye Summer. Eight weeks always fly by so quickly. I am so grateful I was able to take a week off from work this year. I am grateful for the boys grandparents and friends that helped the boys have a great summer.


I am grateful for Casey's experience at Camp Winthers. I am grateful for the experiences they had at art camp, rock climbing and soccer camp. I am grateful for amazing neighbors and friends who made the long hot days so fun. I am grateful for our amazing garden that gave us many delicious cucumbers, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, basil and zucchini. I am so grateful for our pool. Every penny we have sunk into the pool has been worth it. The hours of fun the boys have in it with friends and cousins is awesome. I am grateful we were able to go camping twice, once with friends and once on our own. I am so grateful for our home and neighborhood. We recently reached our three year milestone in the house, and although we still have a ton of projects, I am still over the moon to have this house. I love living so close to the boys school. It really makes mornings so much better. I am grateful for Pedar for being so loving and helpful. We are a great team. I am grateful for our jobs. I am grateful for funny and loving boys. I am grateful for our adorable Curly. I am just so grateful for this life.

Sending so much love out into the world today! Hugs and kisses.