For Sawyer. Don't be sorry, be active.


sawyer Our hearts are broken. We learned this morning that Sawyer died. Sawyer inspired us every day with this gorgeous smile and bravery.

His Mama, Kelly, has asked #sawyerwarriors to not be sorry, be active.

  • Save the date, Saturday, May 14, 2016, 6-11 p.m. at Beatnik Studios to attend Mama's Night Out - Sacramento. All proceeds from this event will go to the lab run by Dr Lisa Giulino Roth at Weill Cornell Medicine that is researching and doing so much for pediatric lymphoma and Burkitt's lymphoma.

His family has asked that you donate to:

You know how you know where you were on September 11? I will always remember where I was on April 26, 2015. My friends Erin and Kelly were posting a lot of pictures of Sawyer on Facebook over the weekend. I knew something was wrong. Erin let me know that after a series of tests, Sawyer had Burkitt's lymphoma. It was a really bad cancer. They were terrified.


During that first hospital stay Sawyer spelled out BRAVE in a hangman game. And he defined bravery throughout months of treatment. He flashed his gorgeous smile through multiple surgeries and treatments.


We prayed, wished, hoped, bargained and begged for him to be OK. But the cancer had other plans. Learning that he wouldn't beat it, his AWESOME family sprung again into action, trying to ensure they would have no regrets, they would make the most of the time they had. They went on a make-a-wish trip to Disneyland, went to Camp Okizu, took gorgeous pictures and so much more.

No one could help Sawyer. Why? Why wasn’t there a treatment that could work for him?  My boys have asked, “Why Mom? Why can't the doctors help him?” It remains the most scary and powerless question I've had to answer.

What can I do now? I can donate like my child has cancer. You can too. Donate time. Donate money. Donate resources. Donate like it was your child.

The way Sawyer's awesome family loved one another through this horrific illness has forever changed how I look at the world. We are so vulnerable. I will hold my children tighter and appreciate our health and be grateful for every smile and hug I receive. Every time I hear Uptown Funk I will think of Sawyer. Every time I see a turtle, I will think of Sawyer. Every time I see a little boy with a gorgeous smile, I will think of Sawyer. He is forever nine-years-old.

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Pedar and I were fortunate to be at Erin and Kelly's wedding and see this AWESOME family be celebrated. Besides being awesome, Kelly and Erin love the same. They make an ass out of themselves for love. We love the AWESOME family so much. #dontbesorrybeactive

We're going to stand by you.