Goodbye Summer

Last night was the first night I didn't turn the air condition on. When I walked into work I thought, "Man, I wish I had brought a sweater!" Goodbye HOT summer. I am not SAD to see the heat go but I am sad to say goodbye to the long nights, pool fun, no homework and sunflowers. The kids are well into their third month of school. Soccer season is almost over. We're about to sign Casey up for basketball for the first time. We didn't get as far on our yard and home projects as we wanted, but we are making progress with our debt-free plan. Only after we put that to bed can then we really enjoy spending money on home projects and hopefully some travel. We can't keep making the same mistakes. Putting a trip on the credit card and working for six months to pay it off. It makes the trip less shiny and fun and kind of guilt ridden you know? All in time. I'm learning a lot about patience and what we really need, versus what we want.

So, goodbye Summer. Thanks for the great memories. See you later.