Happy 12th Birthday, Casey

Today my gentle-giant-ginger is 12-years-old. Casey is the coolest kid. I know that sounds terribly braggadocious, but if you knew him, you would agree. I love watching him grow into this loving, thoughtful, playful young man. Casey celebrated his birthday on Friday with his friends. He wanted a football party so we took a bunch of his friends to El Camino and they played for a couple of hours and then came back to the house and played some more. No sleep-over (mama doesn't like sleep-overs), but the boys still had fun!! He is getting braces today, on his 12th Birthday! We tried to talk him out of it, but he wants to get it over with! He should have them on for a little less than two years. Can't wait to see his new silver-smile.

I want to remember what Casey was up to at this age, so here is my summary: He can ride a uni-cycle and loves to skateboard. He dropped playing trombone in the band, but is now playing the guitar. He still thinks he wants to try wrestling and play flag football. He is excited about junior high. He is still drawing a ton and dreams of working at Pixar. He LOVES the sixth grade. He is a good writer/story-teller and has the most beautiful handwriting. He has a great sense of responsibility and sets solid timelines for finishing his school work. He loves his little brother, Curly his dog, his friends, cousins, family and his super cool parents (ahem!). We are really proud of him and are enjoying this wonderful time with him. We love our Casey so much!!

Casey's 11th birthday post.