Happy 7th Birthday, Erik

Oh my goodness, our little dude is seven! He woke up this morning and ran into our room and said, "I'm seven!" Before I left for work I was able to watch him open up his birthday gifts and kiss him. Pedar is taking him rock climbing today. You really grew up this past year Erik. You got taller and stronger and more independent. You're coming into your own and are more certain of your likes and dislikes. You are so funny. Your teacher says you are her class clown. You love to sing and dance. You LOVE soccer. You are a great helper, either with setting the table or even gardening. You can't wait for us to build a garden. You love your brother and Curly so much. You still love to jump in bed with me every morning and snuggle and I love it too. If you're in a car for too long you still use the seat belt to hold your head and take a nap. You are patient and thoughtful and follow through with requests. You are very active and still not a great eater, but you have plenty of energy, so we are not worried.

We love you so much, Erik. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Keep being awesome.