Happy 8th Birthday, Erik!


Today is Erik's 8th Birthday! He is no longer "Little E", he is a big boy with a huge smile and heart that we all adore. Last night we took him out to dinner and late night roller skating!

We skated till after 9 p.m. It was so fun!! We are on our way today to spend a couple nights with my cousin Steph and her family in the mountains. Our boys are all about the same age so I am sure they will have a blast in the snow.

We celebrated Erik's birthday with friends a couple of weeks ago. We woke him today with the Thunder Trax he was wanting and Casey got him a few itty bittys. Love that he likes these adorable stuffed animals.

Erik! You are eight-years-old! You love skating and soccer. You are doing great at school, we just need to work on your handwriting and spelling. You're a great reader and love math. You enjoy drawing like your big bro too. You love to sleep-in and cuddle in our bed. We love you so much!!