Happy St. Patrick's Day


May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.



I hope you have a great day! It is gorgeous today in Sacramento.

Here are 17 things I am happy about today!

  1. I am excited about getting away this weekend to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary!!
  2. Having two loving boys that I just want to squish every minute.
  3. I am grateful for my Super hunky husband for being a gorgeous human who loves me.
  4. Coffee
  5. I love this beautiful green blouse I got for Christmas from Mor Mor to wear today! Thank you!
  6. I finished a horrible project at work where I coordinated the purchase of 360 branded jackets and had to deliver them throughout the hospital. Errrr
  7. Love my seven-year-old Erik.
  8. Meeting Casey's new pediatrician today. It is time to try out our new health insurance.
  9. Finished our taxes.
  10. Finished our passport paperwork. We don't have travel plans but now if we did, we could actually go.
  11. Love my eleven-year-old Casey.
  12. Started paperwork with a lawyer for a will/trust. It is about time we did this and I am relieved to get this done.
  13. Love my 13-year-old dog Curly. He is all love and I am so lucky.
  14. Friends that stop by for wine and catch up.
  15. Being married to Pedar for 15 years today. Everything is better with Pedar!!
  16. I am grateful to live in Northern California where I can almost always count on St. Patrick's Day being 74 degrees and sunny. Oh yeah!!
  17. I am grateful for prayer. When things go sideways, I am grateful that I can speak to God and feel better.