Hello wheelbarrow old friend


On Friday, we had Hastie's deliver some bark and decomposed granite. We have a large area next to the driveway that gets covered in weeds, right next to the gorgeous roses that decided to show off this year. Thank you, rain! Thank you neighbor for cutting them down and allowing them to come back so beautifully. roses



The weeds that are closest to our neighbors fence are really hard to reach. Wish the fence wasn't there. Gorgeous roses though!IMG_5889[1]Pedar got a lot of the bark done on Friday night while I enjoyed a bit of friend time with Melanie. The next day it was on though. We planned on going skiing on Sunday so we worked hard to move the piles off the driveway.  I wish decomposed granite was as light as bark. Oh dear did I feel it in my back the next morning.



Isn't it funny how 80 degrees can feel so much hotter when you are not used to it? Yep, the boys jumped in on Saturday. It was freezing in the pool! And now for the BEFORE and AFTER!! This was our side yard before we trimmed the trees and got a new fence and gate.





Now all we have to do is wait for these gorgeous plants to do their magic! What a difference!!! Love looking out the kitchen window at this space now. It will be fun to watch the plants grow and this space change.