Great America and Fremont Skate Park

I meant to start a tradition to celebrate the end of the boys' school year with a small trip away. I haven't been as great at planning these small trips, so we've actually only really "nailed" an end of the year trip once. We took the boys to San Francisco to watch the Giants. It was a great day.

This year we were too busy at work to leave the day school got out, but a few days later we got up and headed to Fremont Skate Park. Casey had been wanting to skate at this park for months! We worked a half day so we didn't get there till about 3 p.m. Casey, Pedar and Erik skated for a few hours and then we checked into our hotel for the night. After eating dinner, Pedar and Casey went back to the skate park. Erik and I just chilled out in our hotel room.

The next morning we got up and headed to Great America. I hadn't been since 2000. My Grandfather and his twin brother started the tradition of planning a grandkids day at the park every Summer. I have so many memories of Great America riding roller coasters with my Grandpa and cousins. Every corner makes me smile.


As soon as we walked into the park, Charlie Brown greeted us. My Papa's name was Charlie. I chose to imagine him telling me he loves me and is watching after us. Papa would be so proud because I brought a hat and a sweater to the park. Everyone on my Mom and Dad's side lived in the Bay Area where it cooled way down at night. Not so much in Sacramento. On several of the visits to Great America, the night would come and I would be FREEZING. Papa would take off his Mister Rogers cardigan or he would buy me a sweater!! SO many sweaters purchased!

I was surprised by how lovely Great America is; the landscaping is beautiful. Everything grows in Santa Clara! I have been to Six Flags in Vallejo a few times and Great America kicks its butt. And the RIDES are so fun!! We ALL love roller coasters and Erik is tall enough to ride everything!

We went on everything, multiple times. The lines were almost non-existent. We made it home by 9:30 p.m. and got ready for the work week. I look forward to keeping this tradition going and celebrating the end of the school year!!