How do we know?


Casey and I went for a bike ride last night before dinner and we stopped to chat with our neighbors. Immediately, my neighbor asked, "Remind me again, which one of you works for Wells Fargo? All of this news can't be good, right? You think you will keep your job?" My answer, "We'll be fine no matter what!"


Pedar has worked for Wells Fargo for twelve years. Most employees, including Pedar had nothing to do with the very bad decisions that were made. We are not our jobs or the companies we work for, but most of us can't help but have pride in what we do.

I'm hoping for the best. It is all I can I do.  Why go to a negative place before you have to? To prepare yourself? What a waste of time. I'm going to spend time being grateful for today. That is how I want to spend my time. I also want to keep distracting Pedar with joy and love. He has enough stress happening at work everyday.

How do we know how anything will end? We don't. Might as well just work hard and be positive.